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Really short but creepy game! The use of different endings is well implemented here. Highly recommended if you are looking for a fast but unnerving experience!

Scary Game I highly recommend it ,well made.10/10

Nicely done!
Mama always said not to accept candy (or other things) from strangers.

This game gave me chills all the way. Amazing. I'm definitely gonna check out your other games
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That was awesome good job. Well made.

Decided to take a crack at the game, got all "3" endings in the game, I really like how it looks, would love to see the concept to become more flesh out, or built upon. 

played this game today, I did enjoy it! I only think it does take a little long for him and the bus to come so you are left doing nothing but if you want to watch it Here you go!

I found the secret ending and I am now content :) Great game i love these little short multi ending experiences!

nice game my man.

I wanted to make a video on it for a long time but I didn't have the time to make it. Finally played it. I would say a 10/10 , because I love short horror games.

serial killer vibes were through the roof

Played your game some time ago and finally made a vid on it! Was fun, I love short horror experiences and this was a good one! Got all endings! looking forward to more games made by you!

He a strange old man

Game about a random man in the cornfields 💀

Loved the game! Game 3! 

Honestly loved this, I haven't been big into horror games in the past, but little games like this have been changing that for me. I played your game in this video (sorry for getting the name wrong at first, I sometimes mess names for things up lol.)

Some mistakes were made...

I only got 3 endings... I wonder what the "secret" ending is? Pretty fun bus waiting simulator though!

Lovely little experience! I got the secret ending - absolutely love that you included that.

Nice game. I liked the ambiance and the graphics.👍


cool game

This was a great game! I enjoyed getting The Endings! Thanks for This Experience!

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GAME WAS WILDD!(Should uh check the vid out 👀)

What is the graphic style called?


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I enjoyed playing it gave a lot of suspense and their was times I didn't know what to expect I was able to get all endings I would recommend 

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Despite the fact that this was a horror game, I really enjoyed it! I was able to obtain all three endings as well as the hidden ending that I got by pure chance. You can watch the video I posted here or the one on my channel to observe my quirky experience.

Pro Tip: Don't Trust Anyone.

I had fun playing this game! There are 3 endings, and thank you for adding the flies - they were a nice touch ;)

Top secret ending)

Nice work =)


Great Game!

It was indeed a cool experience. Creepy but with a slight touch of humour with the secret ending. Good idea overall BUT the 4 minutes might be a bit too long due to the lack of things going on (it's a bit annoying to restart everytime to have each ending if every time I have to wait and do nothing) but I liked it anyway :D

simple, yet creepy, I like it.

I knew that secret ending was what it was!

I really enjoyed playing the game! I really enjoy these short low-poly type games. I also made a small playthrough :D

absolutely amazing game, had a blast with it! 

A really cool short horror game with good atmosphere. I recorded all the endings with a secret one.

I enjoyed it. Got the three endings. I hope to see updates.

I enjoyed it! Hoping to newer updates in the near future!

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