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crushed by the bus best ending by far

I completed this and all the endings, including the secret one. Nice game. It made me jump at first when the stranger came up behind me.


Me encantan los finales secretos! Gracias creador!

It was short but really fun!

pour une fois qu'il y ai un français, vsy +1

I had a lot of fun with this game and especially with the secret ending :D Here's the yt video I made from the stream 

Great game! Thats the last time I take a beer from a stranger in a corn field at a bust stop in the middle of the night...

short and fun. Secret ending was my favorite lol.


honestly a nice eerie game! doesnt have a cheap jumpscare every 3 minutes and genuinely gives a creepy vibe while playing. i will say the plot felt like an opening sequence to a law and order SVU episode, but one of the endings got me a bit...


Good game from someone who got 4/4 endings

So... damn... creepy. Doesn't over stay its welcome. Unfortunately, missed one of the endings.

Aint going to lie, game was dookie juice 

Last Bus Home con sus 3 finales, una chica es tentada por un desconocido mientras está esperando el último autobús de la noche ¿Qué decisión tomará?, gracias por crear el juego, saludos a todos!!!!

This game is good


Bus was my favorite character, so much character development


Nice game

fun short game i enjoyed it

very interesting game

It's actually the second horror game in this video...I enjoyed the game but...Romanians don't refuse beers even if it's from a stranger.

Nice Game!

col gaem

I enjoyed the game, it was a shame that it was short :/ I wanted to play more!

I loved the pixel graphics of this simple, short horror game. I played through all three endings, enjoying each one. This was a good amount of fun.

Good game and I enjoyed all the endings.

The graphics on this game added to the already creepy atmosphere when you first open it & are alone outside in the dark

The dialogue of the man was well written & I like how easy it was to get all endings :)


This game was awesome. Cool graphics, scary vibes. Played until I got all 3 endings. Hope to play more of your games soon :) 

poogers gameplay. all ending

Hello! I played your game and I must say that the graphics and the sound is REALLY good. I got all 3 endings and the secret one which I really like. I was trying to find some shorter game for my channel and this was perfect. Great job! :)

Short but definitely a good life lesson! Check out the new video 

Wonderful game! These are exactly the type of horror games we like 😊💗

Lo aterrador de este juego es el hecho de que es algo que perfectamente puede suceder en la vida real... Ve mi Gameplay en español!



i enjoyed it thanks for making it


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Simple, yet effective story telling!!

Brilliant simplicity, loved the setting, and the endings were top-notch. Looking forward to more of your games!
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I wish we could beat that stranger, but the vulnerability and insecurity is the feeling the game want show. Great lesson too.

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